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5 Steps to Write a Literature Review

A literature review is a study of scholarly sources in a particular research area. The literature review provides knowledge about the current scenario. This allows you to find the appropriate methods, theories, and research gaps in the existing research works. It is a process of analyzing and evaluating the research work to get a better understanding of your topic. In this article, ilovephd provides the five important steps for how to write a literature review.

5 Steps to Write a Literature Review

5 Steps to Write a Literature Review

Step One: Be clear on your Areas of Research
Before you getting started to do the review, you need to be clear on your research topics and keywords. Make sure that you only get scholarly articles and books in those areas.

Step Two: Search for the literature

Select the most relevant papers through the literature search. Conduct a wide-ranging of bibliographic search of books and articles in your area.

Read the abstracts online and download and print those articles that pertain to your area of research.

Step Three: Read and identify the gaps

Read the literature one by one and summarizeIdentify the research gaps and research opportunities from the literature.

Step Four: Organize the structure of the review
Organize the literature review using the familiar structures for the better flow of reading. The structure can follow Chronological, Thematic, Methodological, or Theoretical order.

Step Five: Begin to Write a Literature Review

Start to write literature by discussing the overall implications of the literature. Also, make suggestions for future research based on the gaps you have identified.

Ensure the writing style should be a clear and concise academic style.

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