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Is the Latitude of Ancient Sites Encoded in their Geometry?


Atlantis, Lemuria or former technological civilizations are mere myths? Is there a way to know? There is incontrovertible evidence of precise global positioning, thousands of years ago, requiring space age technologies, and satellite triangulation. Carl Munck, archaeocryptographer, introduces an ancient Pyramid Matrix, in which monuments – across the globe – encode their exact positions with respect to latitude and longitude. The science of decoding these monuments is called archaeocryptography. For latitude, ancient monuments were referenced to the same (modern) equator. For longitude, these monuments were referenced to a former Giza, Egypt Prime Meridian – discovered by Munck – that ran from pole to pole across the Great Pyramid. His website provides introductory examples of ancient monuments, how they encode their positions in the Matrix, and resources for deeper study (and verification).  — Carl P. Munck,

Introduction to the Pyramid Matrix


Hard Evidence of a Grand Design to Creation

by Joseph E. Mason

The great mysteries of life are quite elusive.  We do not have the “hard facts” needed to feel sure that our theories about the mysteries are true.  Sometimes we feel sure, but convincing others is not so easy.  Alas, they want “facts,” and we cannot produce them.  Well, times are changing.  This is the start of a series of articles that will present many “facts” concerning some major mysteries of our world.  These “facts” will show evidence that:

The ancient sites around the world are very precisely positioned on a global coordinate system in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  

The positions of the sites are given in the geometry of their construction.  

A very ancient system of numbers was used in the system, which we will call “Gematria.”

“Gematrian” numbers are found in ancient myths and religions, including the Bible.  

Gematrian numbers were used in systems of weights and measures by ancient peoples, including the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Babylonians and the Romans.  

The ancient Mayans used Gematrian numbers in their very accurate timekeeping.  

The Code system uses mathematical constants, such as pi and the radian.

The system also uses conventions that are still in use, such as the 360 degree circle, 60 minute degree, 60 second minute, the base-ten numbering system, the 12-inch foot, and the 5280-foot mile.  

The Nazca Line ground markings “locate themselves” on The Code Matrix system.  

Crop circle formations suggest the same ancient numbers by way of their positions and measurements. 

The very ancient “Monuments on Mars,” including “The Face on Mars,” were positioned in exact locations, just as the ancient sites on Earth. 

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Explanation of The Code System

The Code system is quite like the cartographic system we still use today . . . which was probably handed down to us from very ancient times.  In both the old and new reckoning systems, the earth is divided into 360 degrees around the equator for longitude coordinates, and latitude coordinates are reckoned at 90 degrees, from the equator to either Pole. Each degree is further divided into 60 “minutes,” and each minute is divided into 60 “seconds.”  Thus, by giving the degrees, minutes, and seconds of East or West longitude and same for the North or South latitude, we can “locate” any point on the earth, similar to the way we give two street addresses to locate a place in our cities and towns.  The big difference between the two systems is that today we use Greenwich, England as the starting point (zero degrees), or “Prime Meridian,” for the longitude coordinates, whereas the ancients used the Great Pyramid of Giza. The difference in longitude between the two Prime Meridians is 31 degrees, 08 minutes, 0.8 seconds, so this must be taken into account when calculating “The Code.” 

A Few Theories

Finding such mysteries throughout the The Code/Gematria system leads one to suspect that it is not just an arbitrary system, but rather that it was fashioned by a very high intelligence in the far distant past.  No one knows the source, but there are a number of theories, such as the existence of a high culture like Atlantis in pre-history, or that extraterrestrials interacted with humans long ago and taught them the system.  Some believe the system to be simply Creation Numbers used by God or the gods.  If that seems farfetched, well . . . read on. 

The great accuracy of The Code holds true only with the latest satellite mapping coordinates. Carl says the plates of the earth have shifted a bit since some of the sites were built. Since, “The Code” shows accuracy within yards, the question is, “How did the ancients know how to do this.” He thinks it is like a time-capsule, because it could have never been figured it out until now. Many years ago, the ancient sites were not located at the same coordinates where we find them today; so, whoever devised “The Code” must have known where the sites would be located in the future.

I have some evidence, which I will share later, that dreams impart some of the same numbers to people in their sleep.  So, my theory is that the numbers and other information came through dreams and/or visions in the past, and that is why there is consistency over time and distances. The ancients may have built the pyramids and other sites based on their dreams and visions, while perhaps not really understanding the overall system to any great extent.  

Another plausible theory that I favor is that a crop circle phenomena occurred in the distant past, and that the ancient peoples built the structures upon the crop formations. Crop circle researchers have pointed out that most of the crop circles in England appear near ancient sites, sometimes right next to them, such as the Spider Web formation near Avebury in 1994, the Julia Set formation next to Stonehenge in 1996, and Koch Snowflake near Silbury Hill in 1997.  

The researchers also say that the ancient sites are located at crossing points of dowsable “ley lines,” and that the crop formations also appear on these points. Experienced dowsers have found that earth-energy within various crop formations form geometric patterns, such as stars and cross-like shapes.  In one case, a pattern similar to The New Jerusalem Plan, based on the vision of Saint John in Revelation 21, was detected in a crop formation.  The same pattern has been “dowsed” within certain ancient sites, such as Stonehenge and Avebury. 


Is latitude of ancient sites encoded in their dimensions?

Carl Munck in his “Pyramid Matrix” suggests, that each pyramid contains encoded in its dimensions info about its location.

In fact all ancient sites being part of this matrix system should have their geographic coordinates encoded in their features.

Over the millennia people could establish variety of longitude markers, but due to our planet’s rotation on its axis, our equator is always the perfect reference point for latitude

(unless there was crust shifting in the past ).

Let’s put to the test general ideas proposed by Carl Munck (without looking at his numbers)  for few ancient sites.

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Modern Stonehenge coordinates:
51°10′ 43.83″N

Is the Latitude of Ancient Sites Encoded in their Geometry?

Wikipedia explains there are 2 rings ( Y and X ) 30 holes each.
(see )

Let’s play with these numbers:

2+2×30 = 62 The Circle has 360 deg so 62 x 360 =22320
22320 / 51 / 10 = 43.76
So it appears that Stonehenge location above equator (latitude) is encoded in its key numbers…

Now let’s look at the coordinates of the Great Pyramid:

29°58′ 45.03″ N


Let’s multiply latitude numbers 29x58x45.03 = 75740.46

Now, this pyramid has 4 sides, its perfect slope angle is 51.8428° and there are 365.2425 days in a year:
4 x 51.8428 x 365.2425 =  75740.775

Note: Another very strange  “coincidence” was discovered by John Charles Webb Jr. : Precise latitude of the centre of the Grand Gallery (inside GP) is 29°58′ 45.28″ N = 29.9792458° N
The speed of light in vacuum, usually denoted by c, is a universal physical constant important in many areas of physics. Its value is 299,792,458 metres /s

How about Chichen Itza?

Latitude of the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl:
20° 40′ 58.44″ N

20 x 40 x 58.44 = 46752

This pyramid is a precise calendar (it has 91 steps on each of 4 sides plus platform on top: 4×91 +1 = 365).
The calendar connection is also confirmed by pyramid’s orientation marking equinoxes and solstices.

The pyramid has 4 sides with 4 staircases dividing each side into 2 sections (in total 8 sections).
Using these numbers and accurate value for 1 year equal 365.25, the pyramid “number” will perfectly relate its latitude:

365.25 x 4 x4 x 8 = 46752

Note:  46752 = 365.25 x 128  (perhaps there is a better fit for the 128?)

For Munck’s  number crunching related to the Pyramid of Quetzacoatl in Chichen Itza go to:

Finally, lets check numbers for the Sun-Star and Cross Nazca drawing.

It has latitude  14° 38′ 38.98 ” N

14 x 38 x 38.98 = 20,736

The key numbers for this glyph:

The Grid platform is 12×12 small square units (with edge equal to double grid cell size):

12×12=144 = sqrt (20,736)

 Another way to play with numbers: the smaller square is 16×16 grid units and there are 80 “piles of small stones” (in small squares with double diagonal) plus 1 in the centre (total 81)

16x16x81 = 20,736

Are all these numbers matching by coincidence ???

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Carl Munck – The Code

The Code is an ancient matrix system built up of monuments all across the globe. These monuments include megalithic stone works, pyramids, circular works, effigies, and ancient earth mound. Each structure is a point in a remarkable global matrix which explains a global positioning system involving the mathematical precisions of the Earth. In order to “read” this matrix one must first change the current Prime Meridian back to the pyramid fields at Giza. For longitude the ancient builders referenced their original Prime Meridian that ran from pole to pole marked by The Great Pyramid at Giza. Today it can be found at 31 degrees, 08 minutes, and 00.8 seconds to the east of our modern Greenwich Prime Meridian. For latitude, ancient monuments were referenced to the same equator that we use today. Once we do this, properly, the monuments of the global matrix system become as the individual pages of an encyclopedia, beautifully preserved through numbers and maps. Batteries not included or required. The access key is curiosity.


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