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ID - Indian Drugs

ISSN: 0019-462X (print version)

About Indian Drugs

ID - Indian DrugsIndian Drugs is the scientific publication of the Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA). The journal was started in 1963. Indian Drugs is published monthly and is respected for its peer-reviewed scientific and technical papers. The publication has a circulation of 1800 copies and is distributed to all IDMA members as a members privilege. It is also available by subscription to members of the industry, university libraries and government departments.



About Indian Drug Manufacturers Association (IDMA)

Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA) was formed in 1961

Successfully completed 54 glorious years of providing safe efficacious affordable quality medicines, not only to our people, but people all over the world.

Membership of over 900 wholly-Indian large, medium and small companies and State Boards (SB) in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh & Uttaranchal, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Telengana and Karnataka

Turnover of Indian pharma industry has grown exponentially from Rs.10 crore (about US$ 2 million) in 1948 to over Rs. 2,45,000 crore (about US$ 36 billion) at present

Members’ Indian Market share – about 75% in formulations and about 85% in APIs

Exports of about Rs. 1,15,600 crore (about US $ 17 billion) in FY15-16.

Rated the largest supplier country of generic drugs by UNICEF

Largest number of WHO Prequalified Finished Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturers under various medical verticals

Members’ Export Record – about 65% of India’s total drugs & pharma exports

MoUs signed with China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (CPIA), Korea Pharmaceutical Industry Association (KPMA), DuBiotech, Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE), Toyoma Pharmaceutical Association (TPA) etc

70+ Member-companies have over 200 US FDA approved facilities

Induistry has over 3000 DMFs filed, over 900 EDQM approved facilities and many more certified by regulatory authorities of UK-MCA, Australia, South Africa, WHO-GMP etc.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry provides employment to about 4.2 million personnel, directly and indirectly in manufacturing and ancillary sectors.

IDMA has been successfully organizing Pharmaceutical Analysts Convention (PAC) for many years with the active participation of the Regulatory Authorities, both Central and States – also organizes other Seminars, Training Programs regularly

IDMA Publications:

IDMA Bulletin - a weekly communication medium with members and other interested readers now in 47th year

Indian Drugs - monthly scientific and technical journal completed Golden Jubilee last year – now in its 53rd year – Also online with dedicated website

IDMA Annual Publication - a reference compendium which contains a wealth of information and data on the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Latest 52nd edition released.

IDMA-APA Forum - for professional Pharmaceutical Analysts.

Technical Monographs -Guidelines on standards in manufacture

IDMA Annual Awards:

IDMA QUALITY EXCELLENCE AWARDS for Bulk Drug and Formulation manufacturing units.

IDMA MARGI BEST PATENT AWARD for Best patents granted in India and globally for greater emphasis on innovative Research

IDMA RESEARCH AWARDS and the BEST REVIEW ARTICLE AWARD for the Best Original Research Papers and Review Article published in ‘Indian Drugs’

IDMA J B MODY AWARDS for the top-ranking B. Pharm students of Indian Universities

IDMA-APA EMINENT ANALYST AWARD in recognition of life-time contribution and expertise in the field of Quality Assurance/Quality Control

IDMA-APA OUTSTANDING AND YOUNG ANALYST AWARDS to encourage and promote young professional analysts.

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