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How To Find Scopus Journals?

As mentioned already, the entire journals list is available on the Sources page of the Scopus website. One can also make use of the Scopus List Search if they wish to see a broader selection of journals represented in the database. Once here, one can see the search criteria that they will have to use to find what they’re looking for – Discipline, Title, Publisher, ISSN, Type of source, CiteScore metrics for journals and periodicals, etc.

For instance, one can enter the domain (or domains) and click apply. The page will display if any current content is available for viewing, based on the search criteria and filters applied. To search for a specific journal, all one has to do is type in the title of the journal they’re looking for in the search bar and check if the title is properly indexed.

How To Get An Article Published In Scopus Indexed Journal?
This is a question that even the most experienced of research authors struggle with finding the answer to. Why is this so? Simply because getting an article accepted for publication by a Scopus journal is no joke. It requires a lot of perseverance, effort, dedication and most importantly, a professional outlook to submit a manuscript, get it accepted, make edits and corrections as required by the reviewing committee and then have it published in time. Availing the professional research article publication services of ARDA can help make this process completely effortless so you can focus on continuing to make groundbreaking findings through your research work.


Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (TJPR) – Q4 Ranking

TJPR – The Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation publishes original research and clinical reports on important trends and developments in physical medicine, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and related fields. This globally recognized journal equips researchers and practitioners with authoritative data on the theoretical utilization of pharmaceutical, physical, behavioural agents in the dispensation of extensive care for those suffering from chronic diseases and physical disabilities by fostering and supporting rehabilitation research that serves to improve independence, health, productivity and the quality of the life of people suffering from disabilities. The journal is committed to conducting research relevant to consumers, educating suppliers to extend best practices as well as supporting advocacy efforts that ensure adequate public funding for relevant research efforts.

The TJPR journal usually includes topics such as palliative care physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation, muscle recovery & rehabilitation, cardiothoracic physiotherapy, neuromuscular physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, pediatric physiotherapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, women’s health physiotherapy, vestibular physiotherapy & vertigo physiotherapy, concussion physiotherapy & TBI physiotherapy, hand physiotherapy, foot pain physiotherapy, shoulder pain physiotherapy, critical care physiotherapy, bath pain physiotherapy, knee pain physiotherapy, etc.

ECS Transactions (IOP Series)

The ECS Transactions publishes outstanding research covering fundamental and applied areas of electrochemistry presented during the conferences organized by the Electrochemical Society. The research published usually comprises the theoretical and experimental elements of interfaces, devices and electrodes. The journal’s sole objective is to be recognized as the gatekeeper of electrochemical and solid-state science and technology. The journal fulfils its objective of unleashing the latest scientific research on the world as well as accelerating scientific discovery and innovation, by assisting in the quick publication of highly profound, authentic and groundbreaking works of research.

The topics typically covered by this journal include batteries & energy storage, corrosion science & technology, electrochemical deposition & without electrolysis, electrochemical engineering, fuel cells, electrolyzers & energy conversion, organic & bioelectrochemistry, physical & analytical electrochemistry, electrocatalysis & photoelectrochemistry, sensors, etc.

IEEE Xplore (Conference series)

The IEEE Xplore publishes international conference proceeding series. The journal serves as a platform for academic conference organizers to publish the contents of the conferences, workshops, seminars and other academic events that they organize and as a result, improve their visibility within the global engineering community. The sole aim of this journal is to make it possible for high-level conferences, seminars, workshops and other academic events to be able to cost-effectively publish conference proceedings that expedite maximum dissemination of innovative research findings through electronic channels, specifically the IEEE Xplore digital library. The conference proceedings capture the cutting edge of innovation across the spectrum of computing fields by publishing refereed research results and guest papers from IEEE conferences, workshops and symposia. More than any other field, conferences are an essential place of publication in computer science, where the vast majority of groundbreaking research is presented and discussed. IEEE and its special interest groups organize thousands of conferences, seminars and workshops each year. The proceedings of these events are included in the IEE Xplore digital library.

This journal typically covers topics such as aerospace engineering, aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical & electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science & engineering, engineering management, etc.

Experimental Oncology – Q4 Ranking

The Experimental Oncology journal is well-known for disseminating innovative research of significance that plays a crucial role in the development of the field of oncology for purposes of enhancing the success rate of diagnostic outcomes and treatments of various cancer. This journal aims to establish channels of communication between academics and scientific researchers by making them accessible to the health community and policymakers, to facilitate the improvement of medical research worldwide. The journal is dedicated to the deepening of medicine and medical sciences in all disciplines, covering all areas of medical oncology, surgery, radiotherapy, pediatric oncology, diagnosis and cancer therapy. This journal accepts research papers, review articles, online letters to editors and brief comments on previously published papers or other relevant findings. Articles submitted by authors are reviewed by a panel of experts in the field and ensure that the articles published are of high quality, reflect sound research in their field and that the data they contain is authentic and trustworthy.

This journal typically covers topics such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, cancer surgery, colorectal cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, pediatric oncology, head & neck cancer, carcinogens, carcinogenesis, neoplasm, psycho-oncology, apoptosis, cancer epidemiology, oncogenes, tumour immunology, etc.

Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences (JEBAS) – Q4 Ranking

JEBAS – The Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences is well-known for publishing groundbreaking research articles of some significance in the fields of agro-sciences, experimental biology and all related fields. The JEBAS is a globally reputed academic journal that provides academics and researchers with the ideal platform to publish and disseminate the latest research in the fields of agriculture sciences and biological sciences. The journal places an emphasis on research that helps enhance and modernize agricultural production systems, drastically propels agricultural sustainability and addresses toxicology as well as food safety challenges while also conserving the environment. The sole objective of this journal is to support the scientific community at large working in the field of agriculture and related disciplines. It seeks to provide academics, researchers and future generations with a forum to publish the results of their research and also to open up new vistas for further research.

It invites full articles, short papers, reviews and editorials based on areas such as agriculture, biology, aquaculture, biosciences, agronomy, ecology, toxicology & the environment, plant production, entomology, food sciences, genetic engineering, horticulture, plant breeding & genetics, plant pathology, soil science, tissue culture, ecology, environmental sciences, experimental biology, genetic engineering, immunology, microbiology, virology, animal sciences & zoology, etc.

Egyptian Journal of Ear, Nose, Throat and Allied Sciences (EJENTAS) – Q4 Ranking

EJENTAS – The Egyptian Journal of Ear, Nose, Throat and Allied Sciences journal publishes practical, reliable, high-quality and peer-reviewed research articles of all types highlighting current developments and new techniques being developed in the ENT field. The emphasis is on scientific research related to clinical care, case reports that describe unusual entities or innovative approaches in the treatment and management of such cases. The EJENTAS journal’s objective is to promote innovative, effective and pioneering research in all related fields of ENT such as ENT cancers, ENT surgery, otolaryngology, etc. A strong editorial board serves as the backbone of the journal. This helps guarantee that a thorough and fool-proof peer review process that results in the production of high-quality research is published for the benefit of the global ENT and medical communities.

The EJENTAS journal typically covers topics such as otoscopy, rhinoscopy, laryngoscopy, ent imaging, associated surgical procedures, facial plastic surgery, pediatric otolaryngology, endemic ent problems, hereditary ent disorders, infectious ent problems, etc.

AIMS Neuroscience – Q4 Ranking

The AIMS Neuroscience journal is well recognized for publishing groundbreaking research articles on clinical neurology, neurosurgery as well as other related neuroscience disciplines such as neuroradiology, neurophysiology, neuropathology and neuro-ophthalmology. The emphasis is on pioneering research that breaks barriers to further explore the mechanisms of neurological diseases and groundbreaking research studies, including clinical trials to develop better treatments and their prevention. This journal serves as a focal point for the publication of major clinical and laboratory research, as well as the publication of solicited manuscripts on specific expert topics, case reports and other data of interest to clinicians working in the field of clinical neuroscience. Research papers applicable to all sub-disciplines of neuroscience will be considered for publication.

This journal typically covers topics such as brain development, brain tumour, cerebrovascular disease, cognitive neuroscience & dementia, headaches & neurological implications, infectious diseases, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, neurofibromatosis, Parkinson’s disease & movement disorders, peripheral nerves, seizure disorders, sleep apnea, stem cells & neuroregeneration, transverse myelitis, vestibular disorders, etc.

The Indian Journal Of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology – IJFMT

The IJFMT is a peer-reviewed journal and features original articles, reviews and correspondence on topics covering areas of practical and theoretical interest related to the broad spectrum of forensic medicine and toxicology. The publication also features authoritative contributions describing ongoing investigations and innovative solutions to unresolved issues. IJFMT ensures that it complies with global publication ethics at every stage of publication. It strictly adheres to industry associations such as the Publishing Ethics Committee (COPE), the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), which set standards and provide best practice guidelines to meet these requirements. Medical toxicology is nothing more than a medical subspecialty focusing on the analysis, supervision and prevention of harmful and unwanted health problems due to drugs, work-related and environmental contaminants and organic causes. This medical journal provides a platform for scientists to publish their research papers, review articles, case reports, picture articles, case blogs and short papers on a range of respective research areas in medical toxicology and clinical forensic pathology in clinics, universities, administration, private and government sectors.

The topics covered include forensics, toxicology, odontology, anthropology, immunochemistry, homogenetic, the forensic aspects of biological science with an emphasis on the analysis of DNA & molecular biology.

Foods and Raw Materials – Q3 Ranking

The Foods and Raw Materials journal serves as an important platform for researchers to publish and disseminate the latest research findings on human nutrition in general and nutrition-related to food and raw materials research. The journal publishes reviews, original research articles and short papers focused on food science and technology, food service management, raw materials engineering, nutrition, nutraceuticals, food innovation and agricultural food science. The studies should be of general interest to the international food research community.

The journal covers as well as accepts and publishes original research articles in the topics of food science & food chemistry, raw materials analysis, raw materials engineering, food technology, food processing & food engineering, food safety & quality, microbiological & chemical, sensory, habits, behaviour, practice & consumer preference relating to food, nutrition & dietetics, nutraceuticals & functional foods, food service management, food trends, innovation & business, post-harvest & agro-industry, food safety, food packaging, etc.

Colombian Journal of Chemical-Pharmaceutical Sciences (CJCPS)

CJCPS – The Colombian Journal of Chemical-Pharmaceutical Sciences is intended to provide a platform for scientists, academic researchers, students of research institutes, universities and other educational institutions and analysts working in the industry, agriculture, medical services specifically within the South American nation of Columbia, to discuss various new problems in the current chemical and pharmaceutical sciences. The journal encourages students, graduate students, postgraduates, postdoctoral fellows, recent graduates, faculty, academic researchers and practitioners to submit articles for publication.

This journal publishes authentic research studies that contribute significantly to progressing scientific knowledge in the pharmaceutical and chemical sciences, especially in areas such as pharmaceutical technology, pharmacognosy, research on natural products, pharmacy & administration of new drugs, biopharmaceuticals, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical chemistry, computational chemistry, molecular drug design, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacy practice, clinical and hospital pharmacy, cell biology, genomics & proteomics, pharmacogenomics, bioinformatics, pharmacoeconomics & outcome research, etc.

The Journal of Medicinal and Chemical Sciences

This journal publishes articles dealing with an extensive range of topics in the fields of medicinal and chemical sciences, promoting research with important, new and up-to-date information. Although the journal has a demanding peer review process, JMCS still offers prompt publication, which is possible because of its excellent manuscript vetting, editing, reviewing and publishing procedures. The journal publishes significant research on a variety of topics, many of which focus on the medical (which may be naturally occurring compounds) and chemical (artificially synthesized) compounds known to have medicinal values.

The journal offers rapid publication of experimental achievements in the areas including drug design, medical compound synthesis, artificial synthesized pharmaceutical compounds, drug discovery & mechanisms of action, biological chemical relationships & correlations of structure with the mode of action, biochemical interactions, etc.

Materials Today: Proceedings

The Materials Today: Proceedings journal is globally renowned for publishing research articles that highlight authentic research findings on the relationships between the structure, properties, performance and processing of materials, that are being presented at the biggest materials sciences conferences in the globe. Research articles are selected and published based on their high quality and the interest of the global materials sciences community as a whole. Today, this extraordinary journal serves as the primary source of know-how, latest information and knowledge for academics, scientists, students and others researching the properties and structures of all engineered materials. The journal publishes reviews and comprehensive articles recording original research findings or techniques to study the relationship between the structure, properties and uses of materials. Research typically revolves around materials such as metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, energetic materials, electrical materials, composite materials, fibres, nanostructured materials, nanocomposites, biological and biomedical materials.

This journal covers topics including graphene, perovskites, materials computing, selective laser sintering, metallic materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, composite materials, metamaterials, dichalcogenides, topological isolators, etc.

AIP Conference Proceedings

The AIP Conference Proceedings is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes conference proceedings in a wide range of subjects such as physics, math, chemistry, materials science and includes all research on small and secondary topics. As science editors, we strive to create a robust, open-access, original journal portal with research articles written by high-profile scholars and scientific researchers. This includes all forms of research publications like research papers, survey results and perspective articles in various fields such as physics, math, chemistry, materials science and engineering. Our editorial board is made up of renowned academic editors who have expertise in many areas. The journal provides access to readers so that they can easily browse the proceedings published in our journal and acquire knowledge about new research. This journal serves as a platform for researchers to present their research work around the world. The journal invites authors to publish their research papers and consolidated communications from scientific meetings in all fields of research by publishing conference proceedings in all scientific and clinical disciplines, including full peer-reviewed articles, collections summaries and meeting reports.

The topics covered include mathematics, chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering.

Law, State and Telecommunications Review (LSTR) – Q3 Ranking

LSTR – The Law, State and Telecommunications Review journal is a respected journal that covers a wide range of legal issues raised in the Telecommunications, IT and Media industries. The economic, cultural, societal and political dimensions of communication, including the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech, are in the process of undergoing drastic global reform. Each issue brings readers opinions and discussions in the field of communication law. Readers benefit from editorial commentary, coverage of relevant domestic and international issues, authoritative commentary and analysis, first-hand experience in the field of a dedicated panel of industry experts. The convergence of mass media, telecommunications and computers has raised important questions reflected in analyzes of modern communications law, policy and regulation. Serving as a forum for discussions on these persistent and emerging issues, LSTR examines traditional and contemporary issues of freedom of expression and broadcasting, including the theoretical, conceptual and methodological issues inherent in the particular conditions presented by newcomers to media and information technology.

Some of the topics covered include computer network law & legislation, internet law & legislation, mass media law & legislation, social media law & legislation, telecommunications law & legislation, telecommunications policy, etc.

Acta Innovations

The ACTA Innovations journal is a multidisciplinary journal that deals with research development, discovery and innovation for the disciplines of food management, environment and energy. This journal’s objective is to promote the rapid dissemination and discourse between scientists, scholars, researchers and engineers engaged in the fields of energy, environmental engineering and food management. The journal focuses on activities relating to the development, evaluation and management of programs related to energy, food management and environmental engineering.

Some of the areas that the journal covers include input-output analyses relating to energy-consuming systems, careful evaluations of resources or reserves of all types, conservation measures, incisive assessment of energy systems management, bioreactions & bioengineering, geothermal energy, marine & hydroelectric power, nuclear power, solar power, wind power, energy conversion, energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy resource assessment & transport, government policies & societal impacts of wastewater collection & treatment, fate & transport of contaminants in watersheds, management & control of hazardous waste, control & monitoring of air pollution & acid deposition, airshed management, design & management of solid waste facilities, etc.

Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies – Q4 Ranking

The Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies is a multidisciplinary journal that is recognized for publishing groundbreaking research articles that can be defined as pioneering, innovative and revolutionary. The sole aim of the journal is to serve as a platform for the publication of works on all aspects of mono and multidisciplinary research on these themes to make the latest results available in an easily accessible form. It also focuses on knowledge transfer methodologies and innovation strategies used to make this happen efficiently. The blend of intelligent systems functionalities and an extensive range of applications introduces the necessity for synergy between the disciplines of technology, science, humanities and business.

This journal typically covers topics such as intelligent information retrieval techniques, mobile data management techniques, AI-powered intelligent information visualization techniques, intelligent models of data mining & knowledge discovery, blur-based optimization techniques, intelligent information systems based on an ontology, fuzzy-based control & optimization models, cognitive computing, energy-efficient & sustainable computing, intelligent automation systems, health informatics & bioinformatics models, security & confidentiality of intelligent information systems, intelligent distributed information systems, etc.

Journal of Physics: Conference Series – Q4 Ranking

The Journal of Physics: Conference Series journal is well-known for being a publisher of groundbreaking research articles based on the research presented at globally recognized physics conferences on the latest physics research studies that appeal to a diverse worldwide audience of researchers, educators, policymakers physics students and industry professionals. It is comprised of review articles and original papers of significance that cover the most recent developments in particle and field research. The journal also features articles of long-standing value and importance that may be vital for research into new, unexplored areas.

Topics covered include dielectrics, ferroelectrics & multiferroics, electrical discharges, plasmas & plasma-surface interactions, magnetism, spintronics & superconductivity, organic electronics, photonics, plasmonics, photovoltaics, lasers, optical materials & phenomena, physics of devices & sensors, physics of materials, physics of matter under extreme conditions, nanoscale & low-dimensional systems, atomic & quantum phenomena, semiconductor physics, soft matter, fluids & biophysics, thin films, interfaces & surfaces, etc.

Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (Springer Conference Series) – Q4 Ranking

The Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering journal is a mechanical engineering journal launched to provide contributions to a platform for mechanical engineering research contributions made at renowned research conferences all across the world. This academic journal publishes quality research articles that follow advances in mechanical engineering and related disciplines. This journal emphasizes the development of theory and its relevance to practice. The journal aims to publish practice-oriented articles that address the challenges of modern technology, energy and process engineering, structural design, mechanisms and product engineering resources. The knowledge published in the journal would primarily be of great importance to engineers involved in manufacturing processes and the development of mechanical concepts.

This journal typically covers topics such as underwater robotics, modelling, planning & control, motion control, network-based control systems, operational research, personal & service robotics, Petri nets, vibration & control, production technology, quality control, robotics & automation in an unstructured environment, robots & mobile machines, sensor-based robotics, design, integration & fusion of sensors, virtual reality, vision & sensors, welding & powder technology, etc.

These are a few of the journals indexed in Scopus. For more details of the journals mentioned above such as requirements, the field of work, etc and to get to know what all journals are Scopus indexed currently visit ARDA Conference is one of the leading platforms for all the conference alerts and journal publications.


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