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List of accounting journals

Academic journals are peer-reviewed periodicals that publish research papers. A variety of academic journals publish accounting and auditing research. 

Publishing in leading accounting journals affects many aspects of an accounting researcher's career, including reputation, salary, and promotion. Empirical studies suggest that publishing in leading accounting journals tends to be more difficult than in other business disciplines. In some universities, the number of articles a faculty member publishes in top journals is the key measure of his or her research performance. Publishing research in a top journal is generally seen as a significant achievement that demonstrates that the research was recognized by the authors' peers as having significant impact.  Additionally, articles in leading accounting journals influence subsequent research, and are often used in training accounting PhD students. 

Various methods have been used to determine the leading accounting journals, including surveys of faculty members, and methods based on the number of times the journals' articles were cited. In the 1960s, Eugene Garfield invented the impact factor, a tool for ranking and evaluating journals. A journal's impact factor for a given year is the average number of citations per article published in the preceding two years.[6] Recent studies on accounting research and on doctoral programs in accounting considered the six leading accounting journals to be Accounting, Organizations and Society, The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, the Journal of Accounting and Economics, the Journal of Accounting Research and the Review of Accounting Studies.

JournalISSN2017 SJR
Accounting and Business Research0001-47880.97
Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal0951-35742.187
Accounting Horizons0888-79930.72
Accounting, Organizations and Society0361-36821.771
The Accounting Review0001-48263.946
Accounting & Finance0810-53910.384
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics1608-16250.149
Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory0278-03801.71
Australian Accounting Review1035-69080.358
Australian Tax Forum0812-695X[nb 1]
Australian Tax Review0311-094X0.358
British Accounting Review0890-83890.986
Behavioral Research in Accounting1558-80090.457
Contemporary Accounting Research0823-91502.604
Critical Perspectives on Accounting1045-23541.773
European Accounting Review0963-81800.902
International Journal of Accounting0020-70630.498
Journal of Accountancy1945-0729[nb 1]
Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance0148-558X0.321
Journal of Accounting and Economics0165-41016.875
Journal of Accounting Literature0737-46070.986
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy0278-42540.91
Journal of Accounting Research0021-84566.957
Journal of the American Taxation Association0198-90731.227
Journal of Business Finance & Accounting0306-686X0.91
Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting0954-13140.466
Journal of Management Accounting Research1049-21270.743
Journal of Taxation0022-48630.15
Management Accounting Research1044-50051.426
National Tax Journal0028-02830.818
Review of Accounting Studies1380-66532.757
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting0924-865X0.477
Tax Law Review0040-0041[nb 1]
The Tax Adviser0039-9957[nb 1]


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