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Before choosing a journal for publication in Scopus, it is necessary to conduct a serious analysis of the journal's activities. To do this, researchers use the Scopus search engine or contact our company to avoid wasting their time. First of all, it is necessary to verify whether the journal is indexed in a database, and only after that – to study its further indicators.
Why does a scientist need to check the indexing of a journal in a database?
  1. So that the article, which is published in the journal, is included during the the defense of the thesis.
  1. To protect the scientific paper from publishing in a "predatory" journal.
  1. To have the possibility to apply for a grant, funding.
Instructions: steps to verify the indexing
1. Go to the search engine of the Scopus platform, find the "Sources" section and enter the journal data. This can be a journal name or ISSN, which is a more reliable way to search.
* For example, we use Scopus Preview to demonstrate that information can be obtained even without basic access to the platform.
Scopus Preview sources
Scopus Preview sources
2. Go to the page of the journal of interest and see its years of coverage. If it is indexed, the "Scopus coverage years" section will indicate the start of indexing and the "Present" mark.
Information about Scopus Preview sources
Important nuances that a researcher needs to know
  1. Very often the researcher is faced with the issue of irrelevance of information on the journal indexing. For example, we took the Journal of Reviews on Global Economics, which was removed from the list in February this year. In general, the Scopus platform takes up to 4 weeks to update the information, but it often happens that the update comes too late. Therefore, it becomes harder to find the data on the journal indexing  The journal excluded from the Scopus list
Status of the journal as of 29.05.2020
Scopus source information
2. Scientists also turn to us, claiming that the journal is not indexed, because the section "Coverage years" cites the last year (2019). This information does not say anything about the exclusion of the journal from the database, but it requires verification, and our experts are ready to provide verification of the journal for indexing in Scopus for the current year.
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If you still have doubts, you can go to the "Content coverage" section and check for papers in the journal this year. Furthermore, this section will help to track the publication dynamics of the journal and draw conclusions about the quality of its work.
Scopus content
Important! Pay attention to the inscription "Coverage discontinued in Scopus". This suggests that the journal is 100% excluded.
Coverage discontinued in Scopus
If you still have questions, contact our specialists via chat on the website. They will definitely give advice and help you solve any problem.


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