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Sport Science

Sport Science

The journal Sport Science publishes original scientific and professional papers from the area of kinesiology and its various fields:

1. Sports Theory
2. Anthropology
3. New technologies
4. Transformation processes
5. Methodology
6. Sports medicine
7. Sports Management

In addition, articles from other scientific areas which have a higher degree of correspondence with kinesiology can be also published in the journal. 

The journal is published biannually in English with abstracts in Bosnian.

This is an open-access journal.

Sport Science

Scopus coverage years: from 2008 to Present
Publisher: University of Travnik
Bosnia and Herzegovina
ISSN: 1840-3662
E-ISSN: 1840-3670
Subject area:
Health Professions: Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
Medicine: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Source type: Journal


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